Underdawg Swim Jig

The D&M Custom Baits Underdawg features ultra-premium paint schemes and colorways to match the forage in your body of water, a custom conical skirt collar/bait keeper for keeping your trailers firmly in place or if you want to add a little bulk you can add a skirt to enhance your presentation, it features a quality custom worth ball bearing swivel to enable the blade to spin easily at any retrieve speed. The D&M Customs Baits Underdawg uses a top quality Mustad Ultra point hook that will hook and hold any bass that bites.

The Underdawg isn’t your average little underspin this jig is built for bigger trailers and bigger fish! The Underdawg works great when fished around deep cover such as brush piles, or for suspended fish around bridge pilings and standing timber, and along deep weed lines. We recommend a swim bait trailer but it also excels with a fluke style bait or grub.

It comes in 8 standard colors and 4 sizes.  Sizes; 3/8 oz. 1/2 oz. 3/4 oz. and 1 oz.