Topwater Baby Dawg

The Topwater Baby Dawg is 4.5″ long, nose to tail and the body is a 13/16″ wide with the same size legs that are just a little thinner for faster kicking legs at the slowest retrieve.

Used as a subsurface trailer, rigging it either Tex-Posed, hook exposed or buried into body.
The softness and scents used in the bait, makes for a good mouth full of bass candy.

The body is medium softness which makes for lightning fast kicks from the double tail legs with the utmost in durability. The amount of kick from the legs can be changed in just a few minutes by boiling the legs for only 1-3 minutes.

This Dawg can be rigged for so many different styles of fishing and while fishing the Dawg it will may get torn up. This will allow you to keep using it as a modified version, such as cutting the feet off and using it as a double tail grub or pull the legs off completely for a more compact trailer.

Available in the following colors: Delta Red Crawler, Blue Gill, White Knight, Big Tex Laminate, Black Blue Laminate, Black Red Oxblood Laminate, Sprayed Grass Laminate, Okeechobee Craw Laminate, Mad Dog Melon Laminate, Green Pumpkin Flash and two custom colors;  Mark`s Magic (Watermelon Red, really cool BLUE Color called, Ocean Blue.