Takedown Minnow Swim Bait

The 5″ Takedown Minnow swimbait has a unique oscillating tail swimming action, comes rigged with internal weight, 5.0 top hook and #4 treble bottom hook for an approximate total weight of 1/2oz. The bottom hook can be easily removed for slow rolling bottom bouncing. The Takedown Minnow swimbait is available in single packs or Pro Packs of 4 baits and is available 6 colors: Super Shad, Baby Bass, Clearlake Hitch, Chartreuse Shad, Golden Shiner, & Blue Back Shiner. $3.50 each in Clamshell box. $3.00 no box, ( in Bag) Pro Pack, 4 Count, sold in bag only. $10.00 (per 4 count). Great for use with the Takedown Minnow Spreader Rig

Bass Fisherman from all over the world are seeking knowledge about how they to can catch giant bass. We have that answer. Stop thinking about catching fish and  start thinking about How, Why and Where giant bass feed. Big Bass do not waste energy chasing down smaller meals. They want their meals served on an easy platter. To really understand how giant bass feed, you have to start out as a Bass Fry. These are tiny bass that have just hatched, fearing for their lives most of the time. At least until they are big enough not to be eaten, all this time these small bass are learning they to can eat smaller fish of all species. Now just think about all the fish that surround big bass, Blue Gills, Trout, Baby Bass and all species of Shiners. As bass grow throughout their lifespan, each has their own ability to catch food. Big Bass find it very hard to run down all those fast swimming minnows, so as a bass increases in size and age they seek easier prey. One of the things Giant Bass have keyed on is the stocking of Hatchery Fish in all lakes around the world. Now this is the real story of stocked fish, when they are taken out of their hatchery and put into the local waters. They take their little strolls together in large groups of their own kind. Bass of all sizes think this is just the dinner table being set. The Planted Trout just think these are friends of bigger size, but to their surprise these are Wolf Packs devouring everything in their path. These Wolf Packs can be Spotted Bass, Smallmouth or Largemouth Bass. This is the secret to catching the giants of any species, target them with what they eat. This means feed bass what they want, big meals and lots of them. Giant Bass in the 10lb. to 20lb. range can eat several one pound rainbow trout at a sitting. This might keep them satisfied for a few days, but let a sad looking cripple rainbow trout come swimming by and mister bass will come to action. This easy meal is just to much to pass up, sometimes you will have several giants trying for this easy meal. Catching two at a time is always a chance. Where to find Giant Bass, well they are in every waterway where bass are present. Just find out if they plant hatchery fish in your lake, use this type of swimbait to catch your giant. If no fish are planted just use the same species of fish that are in your waters. This should get you to thinking about what the Giant Bass are saying about all the things that swim in their waters. Giant Bass think all things in their waters like Rainbow Trout, Baby Bass, Shad, Shiners and Blue Gills are provided as an easy meal. Coming soon to a store near you, the newest swim bait to come along. Oscillating Tail, Swimming Action, complete size and color selection.