Jack Pot Flippin Jig & Flippin Craw Video

A sick day out on the Big O targeting staging as well as bedding fish with D&M Custom Baits Jackpot Flipping jig and the 5.5″ Flippin Craw . We’re not supposed to see bedding fish at the end of April – especially in South Florida – but for every rule there’s an exception and I […]

Punch Skirts in action on Okeechobee

Magnum Long-tail Punch Skirts are sold in 2 count packs with inserts. These skirts have a soft plastic core that bonds to the skirt,making it very long lasting. A 1/6oz metal insert that gives off a clicking sound when used with Tungsten Weights is also included. Although the Magnum Long-tail Punch Skirts were primarily designed […]

Super Flippin hook in action on Okeechobee

An awesome day flipping/pitchin on Okeechobee with D&M Custom Baits Big Mama. All rigged up with a 1 1/2oz tungsten weight and the new D&M Super Flippin hook. Check out the new Super Flippin Hook from D&M Custom baits.