Jack Pot Flippin Jig & Flippin Craw Video

A sick day out on the Big O targeting staging as well as bedding fish with D&M Custom Baits Jackpot Flipping jig and the 5.5″ Flippin Craw . We’re not supposed to see bedding fish at the end of April – especially in South Florida – but for every rule there’s an exception and I […]

Punch Skirts in action on Okeechobee

Magnum Long-tail Punch Skirts are sold in 2 count packs with inserts. These skirts have a soft plastic core that bonds to the skirt,making it very long lasting. A 1/6oz metal insert that gives off a clicking sound when used with Tungsten Weights is also included. Although the Magnum Long-tail Punch Skirts were primarily designed […]

Super Flippin hook in action on Okeechobee

An awesome day flipping/pitchin on Okeechobee with D&M Custom Baits Big Mama. All rigged up with a 1 1/2oz tungsten weight and the new D&M Super Flippin hook. Check out the new Super Flippin Hook from D&M Custom baits.

Punching extravaganza in Florida

An awesome post frontal day flipping mats out on the lake with D&M Custom Baits Punch Craw  and D&M Custom Baits Big Mama. All rigged up with a 1 1/2oz tungsten weight and a 5/0 flippin hook. Fish were moving in to bed and the cold had put them under penny-wort mats on the inside […]

Flippin' the Flippin Craw in Florida

The D&M Flippin Craws feature a soft body that is large for it’s size with plenty of bulk for even large flipping style hooks. We also wanted pincher claws to fold up on the strike, making for better hook ups. The plastic formula is super soft and floats which gives the craw the lightest movement […]

Slow Roller Buzzbait in Florida

The D&M Slow Roller Buzzbait is designed to give off a softer tone underwater and no other Buzzbait can come close to getting that slow  retrieve on the surface. Here’s a short video with Mikeybalzz Fishing. Here’s a link to a story how Steve Adams & his team partner took 4th place at Lake Berryessa […]

Flippin' the Punch Craw in Florida

The Punch Craw is 4.25 inches, heavily salted and is made specifically for punching the thickest of Vegetation. The Straight legs on the punch craw allow the bait to slide through the vegetation without catching/hanging up in the muck. The Punch Craw comes in a variety of fish catching colors. Don’t forget to order your […]