Super Worm hook

The D&M Super Worm hook starts with a medium wire diameter Gamakatsu round bend super line hook and improves on it by adding a our custom lead free “Tin” Super Keeper and a Black Nickel finish.

We designed our custom “Tin” Super Keeper to keep plastics from sliding down the hook shank and give you better hookups since your plastics don`t ball up on the hook bend during the hook set. Only the point of hook is exposed after the hook set. Super Keeper ads no weight to the hook or any action to the plastic. Plastics typically will last 10 times longer.

The D&M Super Worm hooks are so slick, hook sets are instant! With so many different waters fished and the salt in the plastic baits these days, the Black Nickel finish offers more resistance to rust.

Along with the standard Texas style rigging, these Super Worm Hooks work equally well for Carolina rigging, spit shot, drop shot, darter jig, Flukes and small swim baits.

The D&M Super Worm hook are available in 3/0, 4/0, & 5/0.