Super Newts

“Super Newt” – I want to give all of our friends a heads up on our new Swim Bait. Our new bait will be several creature baits rolled into one. 1st off early springtime will be the first test, as a bed fish bait and or swim bait. It is a cross between a Salamander, Frog, Lizard, Tadpole. Fishermen will find this plastic creature bait has some real big bass appeal. We designed this bait for year round use. Giving fishermen the option of customizing the shape on any given day. We also made it, so that if damaged you could start cutting off appendages. I wanted to call the creature bait, the trash toad. But this name has been used to many times. When you want to make a Cash Call? Call on “Super Newt”

5” Super Newt & Baby Newt,.. Is a newt a salamander? Sort of.

But a salamander is not always a newt. Most of the animals in the salamander order look like a cross between a lizard and a frog. They have moist, smooth skin like frogs, and long tails like lizards. The term “newt” is sometimes used for salamanders that spend most of each year living on land. Most salamanders are small, and few are more than 6 inches long. Some species have tails, like the paddle-tail newts. Some species can even shed their tail during an attack and grow a new one later. The California salamander can stand high on its legs and waves its tail to scare away danger.

“Baby Newt” –  has is the same size and has all the same features as the Super Newt, but with thinner back legs.

Super & Baby Newts, Black red oxblood, Blue Gill, Okeechobee Craw, Mad Dog`s Melon.
Super Newts $7.99 each per 2 count pack
Baby Newts $6.99 each per 2 count pack.