Sniper 1oz Tin Can

The D&M Sniper “Tin Can” spinnerbaits are the latest edition to our already extensive line of spinnebaits. Made of lead free product called “Tin” this alloy is much lighter in weight than lead, thereby making this a 1 oz. weight. still has the large profile but much lighter. The Sniper “Tin Can” spinnerbaits are available in 1oz. Every D&M Sniper spinnerbait features a 5/0 Gamakatsu hook, Worth swivels, an integrated bait keeper, piano wire (0.32d for the 3/4 oz, and 0.35d for the 1 1/2 oz) and are finished off with high quality colored skirts available in 6 colors, Tilapia, Watermelon Red, Blue Gill, Mad Craw, Orange Crush, Delta Red Crawler, Chartreuse White, Citrus Shad, Yellow Bird, Black Red Flash and Black Widow.