Signature Series 5” Swim Bait

Another D&M product has been brought to the market and again only after it has went through extensive testing. D&M is proud to introduce their new Signature Series Swim Baits in several great colors. Each color has been selected to give you the finest in blended color schemes, glitters and highlights. D&M has stepped up the slow rolling action in their swimbait body, by allowing it to flash its side, thus giving off all the color hues. They also wanted their signature series 5” swimbait body to withstand, strike after strike. They were able to accomplish this by using a unique custom blended plastic which is tough, yet very soft and will float. It has that great tail kick at the slowest retrieve speed. The body is very bulky and the tail has been beefed up to prevent tearing it off. Available colors: Watermelon Red Pearl Laminate, Black Blue Laminate, Golden Shiner, Blue Gill, G P Pearl Laminate, Shiner, Green Back, Rainbow Trout, Monster Shad, Black Red Flash, Sexy Shad, Clearlake Hitch, Bait Fish, Ocean Blue, Pearl White, Blue Back Shiner, Blue Gill Back, Pearl Belly Laminate.