Jack Pot Flippin Jig & Flippin Craw Video

A sick day out on the Big O targeting staging as well as bedding fish with D&M Custom Baits Jackpot Flipping jig and the 5.5″ Flippin Craw . We’re not supposed to see bedding fish at the end of April – especially in South Florida – but for every rule there’s an exception and I was pretty stoked about this one! Employed a “one two” approach utilizing some bigger baits to filter to thru to those bigger bites and it definitely payed dividends. Sadly, went out the following day and lost 2 fish that I think were the slounches I was referring to towards the end of the vid.

There was definitely something key to D&M’s Jackpot Flipping Jig when it came to bedding bass – I just couldn’t work bites out of them blind flipping straight plastics. At the same time, the big profile of the 5.5″ Flippin Craw allowed me to put a big plastic way back in a couple grass points to tap into fish moving in and out (staging/post spawn). Just a blast of a day and a reminder to “Never say never,..”