Grass Thumper Swim Bait

The Grass Thumper is a ribbed worm style paddle-tail swimbait, has great swimming action and can be rigged many different ways to be effective in and around all types of cover & structure. When you need to fish heavy vegetation you can rig it weedless and swim it over grass beds or use weighted worm hook to swim it through submerged vegetation. This bait has many options and can be rigged several ways. The Grass Thumper can be used as a swimbait rigged weedless on a weighted worm hook, used as a jig trailer, rigged Texas style or makes an awesome trailer for our Piranha Swim Jig. Match it up with our Punch Skirt in front and you’ll have a great weightless, weedless swim jig. Check out just a few rigging techniques.

The Grass Thumper is available in 3.5′ and 5″ in 8 colors: Reel Shad, Greenpumpkin, Sexy Shad, Grey Ghost, Pearl White, Watermelon Red Ghost, Smoke n Shad, Ale Wife