Diamond Hook Sharpener

The flat Diamond Hook Sharpener is pocket size, compact, portable and is ideally suited for the fisherman, sportsman, or the outdoors person.

D&M`s Eze Diamond Hook Sharpener
We are very proud to be a distributor of this fine product. You will find this diamond stone will last for many years, only getting better with age. Made in the USA, these are the finest diamond sharpeners made. After using just once, you will need one in your boat, home, and tackle box.

Knife Sharpening
Start the sharpening process with heavy pressure for rapid metal removal to shape the edge and finish with progressively lower pressure to provide the smoothest possible edge. With a small angle and careful attention, you can produce a shaving edge on any knife. Remember, however that a razor edge won’t hold up well in everyday use.

We at EZE-LAP feel that 98% of all sharpening can be performed by our fine (600) grit diamond. This fine grit diamond has the abrasive ability to effectively sharpen a dull knife in less than a minute and bring the edge to keen razor finish. The fine grit is offered on all EZE-LAP diamond products. Round sharpeners are available in the fine grit only. Flat sharpeners have the designation “F” to indicate the fine grit after the numbers.

The EZE-LAP is slightly magnetic and will hold steel dust removed from the blade during sharpening. This dust may be removed by wiping or washing with water. If it is allowed to build up, it can pack between the diamond particles on the EZE-LAP and reduce the tool’s ability to sharpen rapidly. No fluid is required during the sharpening operation. Cleaning is just a snap with comet cleanser and a tooth brush.

Hook Sharpening
# 1, With one hand grasp the point of the hook between forefinger and thumb as if to squeeze the point.
# 2, Hold the Eze-Lap between your thumb and finger so it contacts the point or barb.
# 3, Use other thumb and finger to act as a sharpening guide to achieve the right angle.
# 4, Test the point on your thumbnail. If it skids on your nail under very low pressure, sharpen it again. Be very careful not to puncture your nail with the ultra-sharp point Eze-Lap will give your hook.

The industrial diamond coated groove is what makes this baby tick by the way and remember light gentle strokes will give you the sharpest meanest edge.