Zak Elrite recaps his win on Shasta with The Underdawg Swimjig

During the official practice period for the Wild West Bass Trail, I was able to catch fish near incoming water runoff, on the D&M Sniper Spinnerbait. When the event started with clear, high skies and no rain, I found I had to subtle the approach down a bit. I utilized the D&M Custom Baits Underdawg […]

Signature Series Swim Baits

The D&M Custom Baits Signature Swimbaits are a big, solid body, soft plastic swimbait perfect for enticing big bass and other gamefish. Its unique paddle tail design delivers a deadly kicking action as the body slowly rolls with the same motion, flashing its sides and calling to bass from all around. Its slim profile allows […]

NEW Laminant Punch Craw colors

D&M Custom Baits released the Punch Craw just a few years back and is now available in some AWESOME Laminate colors. The Punch Craw is 4.25 inches, heavily salted and is made specifically for punching the thickest of Vegetation. The Straight legs on the punch craw allow the bait to slide through the vegetation without […]

NEW from D&M Custom baits – The Buzz Saw!

Inline Weedless Buzz Bait We have spent several years thinking of ways to make a more weedless buzz bait. It was after we designed our Topwater Dawg Double Tail that things really went into hyper drive. With our 6/0 Heavy Super Flippin Hooks combined with an Inline Buzzer, you could really get into the heavy […]

The NEW D&;M Mat Rat Punch Jig

Mad Dog`s Super Punch Jig Are you a tournament angler? Do you like Flippin and Pitchin? Want to cash more checks? You need a real punch jig, one that comes through heavy cover, matted grass and thick brush. Flipping jigs has never been easier. Making every bite count, will help keep you in the money. […]

D&M Products NOW available at Tackle Warehouse

Mark Meddock announced today that D&M Custom Baits will soon be carried at Tackle Warehouse and more readily available around the country. “We work really hard to be able to bring great fishing lures to anglers all over the world,” said Meddock. “We’ve built a wonderful relationship with many retailers to make our baits available. […]

NEW D&M Gar Swim Jig

  “The Gar” A Super Frenzy Swim Jig Here at D&M Custom Baits we are always trying to improve on our tackle line and our swim jigs are no exception. We have now developed a new line of swim jigs exclusively made for the shallow water. With all the dominate weed growth we have in […]

NEW D&M Flip n Spin swim jig

The swim jig technique has been around for many years and swim jigs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, variations. The swim jig versatility has BIG bass appeal that can’t be overlooked in any lake, reservoir or river system. The D&M Flip n Spin swim jig has a unique shaped head and line tie […]

D&M Cal Spreader Rig

Cal Spreader Rig; This is a way to present all forms of bass baits in a pattern that resemble a bait ball. (schooling bait fish) California Spreader Rig is a multi-bait lure,  the original “Alabama” style lure allows you to use 5 baits with hooks in each bait. The Cal. rig features a center line […]

The NEW Super Newt & Baby Newts

5” Super Newt & Baby Newt,.. Is a newt a salamander? Sort of. “Super Newt”: I want to give all of our friends a heads up on our new Swim Bait. Our new bait will be several creature baits rolled into one. 1st off early springtime will be the first test, as a bed fish […]